We know that everybody describes himself/herself in the about section, about his/her vision, mission, way of thinking and the things they want to do. We, on the other hand, would like to describe ourselves in the term we believe the most:
Justice and Rights. This, we believe, is the best way.

Justice… Meaning profit sharing.

Anyone who contributes to our projects are partners to us. We give them what they deserve, without making excuses, and we do what is “right” to do.

Justice… Meaning truth and preciseness.

We try to do what is required to make our job precise and we tell the truth. We don’t work with those who do not want to follow truth and preciseness.

Justice… Meaning the title that comes out of effort.

Our biggest investment is the one that we make in our employees. Our biggest responsibility is to maintain their financial and spiritual rights.

Justice… Meaning equal share.

We think our productiveness will boost as we share our profit from our projects with our employees.
We are two close friends who want to to do our jobs in a rightful and justice manner.
We have started off with our series project “Filinta”.
Our doors are wide open for those who are talented.
You are most welcome.